About the Master Plan

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“For the past year, the architectural firm of Burt, Hill has been working on a new, revised Master Plan for the University’s buildings and grounds. A draft of the plan to be proposed is being prepared at this time.

In an effort to continue student, faculty, staff, alumni, and community participation in the plan’s development, a link to the major projects being considered is provided below. In addition, links to high-resolution PDF files with larger views of the projects are included at the left.

If you would like to provide comment on the projects, please feel free to submit them here.

Information from http://www.burthill.com/stories/planning_for_the_future_umw

“Nationally recognized for its communal feel and breadth of academic choices, the University of Mary Washington (UMW) is one of the top ten public liberal arts colleges in the United States. In October 2009, UMW engaged Burt Hill to create a ten-year master plan for the Fredericksburg and Stafford campuses. The planning team developed gathered information through the use of focus group sessions, online surveys, interviews, and data gathered on classroom and laboratory utilization as well as existing building conditions to inform the master plan. The data gathered was then integrated into a full-scale, digital model of the campus that allowed the planning team to clearly communicate visual representations of analysis, such as existing building condition ratings, learning environment utilization, or building use type. All ideas and recommendations were vetted through the Master Plan Steering Committee, made up of administrators, faculty, and students. The resultant process provided clear documentation of existing conditions and engaged a diverse group of university and community stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding the future of the Fredericksburg and Stafford campuses. The projects shown below are in no particular order:

Exterior Improvements

The Master Plan provides several strategies and design concepts for landscape, student life facilities, dining services, residential, academic, parking, pedestrian, and infrastructure projects. For example, site lighting along Campus Walk and surface parking lots will be supplemented to create a better sense of security, and all campus pedestrian walkways will be made wheelchair accessible. In addition to new building and landscape projects, infrastructure projects, such as emergency power, stormwater and electrical distribution, will be addressed regionally.

New Combined Student Center and Board Dining

Seacobeck - Dining Hall

One of the goals of the University Strategic Plan is to enhance the student life experience and campus participation through improved and more flexible food service components and an updated student center with functional lounge space, programs, and activities. A new student center would provide a centralized environment with a strong connection to the original campus core where learning and living are integrated. Burt Hill’s tested concepts for integrating student life functions with dining services will provide a successful mix of activity and functionality as well as provide direct connection to the community and surrounding neighborhoods.

New Performing Arts Complex

Marshall - The proposed plan calls for the demolition of Marshall Hall for the new Performing Arts center.

The University of Mary Washington has a strong performing arts focus and endless opportunities for growth within the highly supportive Fredericksburg community. A Performing Arts Complex would provide modern facilities, such as movement studios, appropriately scaled performance spaces, as well as showcase the talents of the university’s performing, visual, and musical talents. The facility would also become a gateway between downtown Fredericksburg and the UMW campus. The completion of this project would lead to a renovation of Melchers and Pollard Halls.

Campus Residence Hall Renovations/ New Construction

Burt Hill’s facility condition analysis indicated that 16 of 18 existing residence halls on the Fredericksburg campus require a major renovation. The need for renovation includes the recommendation to upgrade the student living amenities that are prevalent in today’s housing market. These upgrades will have an impact on the quantity of beds in each building

Jefferson Square New Housing


Two new residence halls will be constructed in the place of Jefferson, Framar, and South Hall on the south end of campus, forming a new quadrangle adjacent to an already prominent outdoor quadrangle, Jefferson Square. Drawing upon another goal of the University Strategic Plan is to enhance the student life experience through theintroduction of living / learning concepts in the residence halls, Burt Hill is also proposing a new living-learning community in the place of Bushnell Hall. This community will consist of enhanced learning environments and lounges on the first floor and potentially honors student housing on the upper three floors.

Jepson Science Center Addition


With modern education trending toward rapid growth in the sciences, UMW has already outgrown its existing science facility. Burt Hill’s utilization study indicated the science labs in Jepson Hall achieved one of the highest utilization rates on campus. The recommendation is to construct a science lab and faculty office addition to the College Avenue side of the Jepson Science Building.

New Residence Quadrangle at Alvey and Arrington

Alvey and Arrington Halls require a major renovation. The existing inefficient building footprints create a higher renovation cost per bed that would likely exceed the cost of new construction. Therefore, it is recommended that Alvey and Arrington Halls be razed, and two new residence halls with greater bed capacity be constructed on the same site. This location also provides an opportunity to create a residential community with an athletic focus, as both halls will be located next to the fitness center and new Convocation Center.

New Pedestrian Bridge and Renovated University Apartments

The development around Jefferson Square will be the first phase in extending Campus Walk to create a better pedestrian connection between the University Apartments and the main campus. The second phase of this will be the construction of an arched pedestrian bridge followed by a partial renovation of the University Apartments.

Renovate Woodard Hall For Academic Use

A major requirement of the master plan was to accommodate growth for the Colleges of Business and Education that will augment the existing College of Arts and Sciences. Woodard Hall, the existing student center, will be vacated as a result of the construction of a new student center facility. The vacated building, with its direct connection to the Campus Walk, is ideal to be repurposed into an academic facility.

Chandler Hall Renovation

Chandler Hall has been servicing University of Mary Washington for 80 years. The building is in need of a comprehensive renovation to continue to serve the university for the next 80 years. The renovation will likely be similar to that of Combs Hall.

Battleground Athletic Complex Improvements

Upgraded outdoor recreational opportunities were another campus commitment outlined in the University Strategic Plan. As a result, Burt Hill is proposing the Battleground Athletic Complex be provided with a new locker room and restroom facility as well as new artificial turf and lighting on athletic field “D.”

New Parking Deck/Campus Police Station

A new parking deck located on University-owned property on College Avenue will be constructed to alleviate parking shortages. The deck will add approximately 400 cars to the university’s parking assets. Currently, the Campus Police Station is located in Brent Hall, which is not conducive for quick access to all campus points. With a frontage on College Avenue, the Campus Police Station will better serve the university and provide a closer connection to the surrounding community.

Stafford Campus New Academic Building

Stafford County’s population is growing at a significant rate. While the existing two buildings are able to support the current enrollment, future county growth will require additional academic space.”

To see pictures of the proposed Master Plan click here.

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